Curtis Stokes painted two murals in our home. One in the dining room that looks so much like an exit to a beautiful garden path that we have to stop guests from walking into it. It is truly a work of art. The other one is a three-dimensional mural built into a wall with lighting that changes from day to night. The night scene becomes illuminated with a black light on iridescent paint giving the effect of lighted windows and stars in the sky. I sincerely recommend Curtis for any artwork. His murals are magnificent and his work ethics are the best.

Howard Suer

Van Nuys, CA
Curtis has added a huge flavor to our business. He worked on schedule and created exactly what we were looking for. We used him in three different projects here at Boulderdash Indoor Rock Climbing. I look forward to working with him again in our next studio.

Boulderdash Rock Climbing

Ventura, CA
Vibrant color or sublime, artist Curtis Stokes’ murals are a testament to his talent and vision. He masters his artistic strokes with attention to detail and color. Beginning with thoughtful process of his subject, he produces a work of art that engages and pleases every time. Homes like ours will be appreciated for Stokes’ masterful work of art. A pleasure to work with, Curtis does not disappoint.

Esther and Gerald Simmons

Ventura, CA
The expression of the work of Curtis Stokes is breathtaking! It works is not only amazing adornment but a conversation piece that lasts a lifetime!

Norwood Young

Entertainer / King of Hancock Park
Through his work, Curtis combines his unique vision, talent and skills into a rainbow of imaginative artwork for All the World to enjoy. Check out Ink Kandy Tattoo Studio in Hollywood, CA, to see for yourself. Be amazed.

Aaron Pam

Ink Kandy Tattoo Studio
Hollywood, CA
Curtis Stokes has designed two business retail locations for me. His unique style and attention to detail brought an ambiance and experience to my locations that I would not otherwise have. Our customers compliment his art daily and inquire more information for their own projects. He takes pride in his work, a pleasure to work with and a rare talent.

Maria Botham

Steam Punk with Carnival Mural Painting

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